Dragon Fruit Farming: A New Revaluation in Agriculture

Dragon Fruit Farming: The next big thing in Agriculture

Introduction In India, the 1990s saw the introduction of Dragon Fruit Farming to backyard gardens. Due to its profitability and the fact that it required fewer inputs once established, it became more well-liked among farmers. The plant has a yield that lasts for more than 20 years, has a high level of nutritive characteristics, and … Read more

Complete Information About Dragon Fruit Farming 2022

Dragon Fruit farming

Everything you should know About Dragon Fruit farming Dragon fruit is also available at grocery stores and online. However, you should be aware that not all Indians can afford to buy dragon fruit in India. It is well-liked by foodies and health-conscious people due to its distinctive appearance and renowned superfood properties. Another name for … Read more

Why is Dragon fruit so expensive?

Why is dragon fruit so expensive?

If you love farming, then you must have come across dragon fruit farming as well. This is one of the top and the most highly recommended right now in India for its ease of farming. Introduction to Dragon Fruit Dragon fruit is one of those fruits that command the kind of attention that a mundane … Read more